The Blacklisted Biography

Welcome to “The Blacklist,” a blog owned and operated by Marisa Losciale.

In June of 2016 Losciale received a phone call from her mentor and former professor. At the time her mentor was working for a USAID program in Iraq. But she was being held in a detainment center (for her own protection) as the state was under heavy fire. Unfortunately, this was at the same time she had planned to fly back to the U.S. to visit loved ones and work a side gig at Mohonk Mountain House.

Her mentor needed someone to cover the photo gig, so she calls Losciale. Losciale, who is still attending school, agrees to work the event–humbled to have even been asked to cover for a professional.

That’s when things got weird.

Losciale fell victim to consistent clicks and static in the background of phone calls and random hang-ups from unknown callers. Which lead to her being followed by black SUVs with odd antennas, GPS domes and tinted windows from her hometown on Long Island to the photo site in the Hudson Valley.

Jokingly, Losciale refers to this as the incident that had her cited by the government. Who knows, maybe this did put her on a list. But for now, she has this one. Her very own blacklist.


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